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Potti Corp. stocks Brief Relief products to meet your urgent needs, whenever you call.


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In partnership with Potti Corp. EU B.V. we now offer the benefit of Brief Relief in Canada, the UK and Europe.


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For almost 20 years the military has depended on Potti Corp. for fast, courteous and dependable service.

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Potti Corp. Scholarship

Potti Corp. Scholarship

Potti Corp. Scholarship

Canadian Soldier

The Canadian Armed Forces (CAF) community and their families encounter unique challenges; family members endeavour to maintain stability throughout the serving member’s career. Families are often relocated to new communities, and experience prolonged absences from their loved one due to deployment and extended training. These factors contribute to the financial hardship a family can face when trying to register or complete post-secondary education. The Support Our Troops scholarship program meets this need by providing scholarships to CAF families.

#OpSanta - #OpNoelPere

Potti Corp. Scholarship

Potti Corp. Scholarship


The men and women of the Canadian Armed Forces are deserving of our support. Potti Corp. is thrilled to be able to support Op Santa 2019!  

 Photo provided by @SupportOurTroops.Appuyonsnostroupes 

The Potti Corp. Waterless Solution!

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